The Orchard Experience

At Apple Barn you can expect to experience something special. Enjoy the beautiful landscape, sights, sounds and aroma of nature all around you. Let yourself go and escape for a little while at the Apple Barn Orchard and Winery. During Apple Fest you can walk between the canopied apple trees as birds chirp, butterflies flitter and a deer bounds away in a distant meadow. Catch the sweet aroma of wild flowers and fresh fruit as you hear the rustling of leaves in the breeze and tall grass under your feet.

During Apple Fest when you spot an apple you like growing in the sun. Give it a slight lift and twist. Releasing it into your hands being careful not to disturb the other apples growing up and down the branch. You begin to polish the skin until a bright red reflection of yourself appears looking back at you as you smile. Lost in your thoughts you navigate row after row knowing each apple was hand picked and polished by you. Stopping to enjoy all that the orchard has to offer you realize more than your bag was filled up as the orchard experience lives on as a memory until next time.