Pick us™. Pick Apple Barn Orchard & Winery.

Here at the Apple Barn, we grow the following apple varieties:

GINGER GOLD The Ginger Gold is the earliest, local fresh apple available in the fall. It's perfect for fulfilling that first fall flavor craving! A wonderful apple with a hint of spice and rich taste! A cross between the Golden Delicious and Albemarle Pippin. The Ginger Gold maintains crisp, white flesh when cut and is great as a snack, eaten out of hand! The Ginger Gold also holds its shape when cooked. In Store: Early September
PAULA RED Great for eating or baking. Mild flavor, light flesh. Similar to McIntosh. More of a softer, mellow apple. One of the first apples picked. Makes a smoother sauce. Bakes like McIntosh In Store: Early September
ZESTAR Mildly tart, crunchy, juicy. Great alternative to Honey Crisp… good to eat until the Honey Crisp are ready and thereafter. Described by the University of Minnesota as a sweet-tart taste with a hint of brown sugar. Good for eating and baking. New apple at the Apple Barn! Early season apple… crisp, white flesh when cut and is great as a snack when eaten out of hand, also holds its shape when cooked. A very white flesh... this apple does not brown. In Store: Early September
McINTOSH Mild, sweet-tart flavor for eating, baking, or sauce. Basic cooking apple. Mellows to be a softer flesh apple. Bakes down in pies and also makes a smoother sauce. In Store: Mid September
CORTLAND White flesh… semi tart, great for eating, baking or sauce. Makes a chunky applesauce. Holds shape in pies and crisps. In Store: Late September PYO: Late September
GALA Juicy, mildly sweet, quality dessert apple. Better known to be used for eating, salads or dessert recipes. In Store: Mid September
HONEY CRISP A cross between a Macoun and a Honey Gold. Firm, crisp excellent eating apple. Good eating! Very popular for eating, desserts, or salads. In Store: Mid September
HOLIDAY A cross between a Jonathon and a Macoun. Mildly tart, white flesh. May be used for baking. Will bake firm and hold shape in cooking. Tends not to brown. Makes chunky sauce. We use this apple for our caramel apples. In Store: Mid September PYO: Mid September
HONEY GOLD Yellow apple. Sweet flavor, smooth finish. Enjoy fresh or in salads. Similar to a yellow delicious, although much better tasting. Not as tough of a peel skin. In Store: Late September PYO: Late September
EMPIRE McIntosh-Delicious cross, although does not taste like either. Firm, juicy eating apple. Usually smaller in size and nice for younger children. In Store: Late September
IDA RED Firm, crisp, tart. Great for eating, baking, sauce, pies, crisps or salad. Makes a chunkier sauce. Recommended as a better keeping apple. In Store: Early October PYO: Early October
AUTUMN GALA Crisp, sweet and juicy apple. A firm, great tasting “lunchbox” apple! In Store: Late September PYO: Late September
JONA GOLD This apple is a cross between a Golden Delicious and a Jonathon. A large, sweet, thin skin apple. It is juicy and aromatic with a sweet-sour taste! In Store: Early October PYO: Early October

During picking season, visit our What’s Picking page to find out which varieties are ready to pick, available in the store, or still ripening.